PREMIERE: Albanus Thierry Wants The “Best of You”

Nashville-based singer Albanus Thierry steps into Singersroom with his southern charm to drop off the theatrical video for the infectious love song, “Best of You.”

Albanus Thierry brings his unique brand of pop-infused R&B to the world with “Best of You.” The single is catchy and shows Albanus’ authority in love as he demands nothing but the best from his partner.

“Best of You” is another melodic track added to the singer’s catalog. The single follows the previously released “LTB (Lions, Tigers, Bears)” and “Lotus.” “Best of You” is said to be featured on Albanus’ debut album entitled Elephants & Flowers that is bound to spark a new wave.

In the Lance Goodman directed clip, Thierry is found in his room surrounded by album covers of great R&B and soul singers. This scene shows his dedication to his craft, where his inspiration is developed from and is a way to pay homage to the greats that have come before him like Al Green, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston and Prince.

“‘Best of You’ is about wanting the best for yourself,” Albanus said when describing the single’s meaning. “It’s something I think we all as human beings want. ‘Best Of You’ is simply about the wins and losses we face daily.”

The clip showcases Albanus Thierry’s artistic abilities. Beyond the mic, Albanus is a dancer who brings theatrics to his performances. Viewers are able to see just how dedicated he is by playing just about every roll in the video. (He’s his own background singer!)

“Visual art is so risk-taking to me. When you look at a piece of Jean Micheal Basquiat’s work, you almost get lost in the layers of lines and colors, you see that there wasn’t just one way of creating this. I think of music the same way, so many different ways of creating.”

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