Meet H.E.R.’s Secret Weapon Justin Love; Listen to ‘Models’

With the recent release of his debut single “Models,” singer-songwriter Justin Love describes the type of woman he likes. He’s definitely got a type!

Being a viral sensation with his numerous YouTube videos accumulating over a million views, Justin has been able to build a strong fan base with his raw talent. His wide vocal range has allowed him to have a hand in co-writing the H.E.R. smash hit “Focus,” which he described working with the mysterious artist as being very natural and quick; where they formed a quick bond to power through their session.

“Models” is the first single from the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming full-length project When Love Returns. The vibrant trap inspired R&B track was written by Justin and produced by Ibrahim Dulal and Justin Gacina.

When asked to describe the single’s inspiration, Love says that its muse was the sunny sights of California. “This song was inspired by a very productive Cali trip,” he explained. “I was on set in Malibu, for the ‘Stripper Girl’ video shoot and my boy Nate and I were looking at these two beautiful women that were cast for the video. Nate turned to me and says, ‘You know, pretty soon we’re only going to be fucking with model bitches? You should write a song about that.’ That’s literally how that song came to life.”

After recently opening up for PnB Rock, the 22-year-old Cliffside Park, NJ native honed his skills which led him to take over the House of Blues stage in NYC.

Penning catchy hits like “Models” and “Stripper Girl,” Justin has developed a unique writing style, “I usually do voice memos on my phone and freestyle/free mumble some melodies,” he admits. “Once I listen back and find a melody I like, I’ll get to writing.” This might seem like a simple process but everyone isn’t able to pick up on a melody in order to pen the perfect tune.

After gaining praise from Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, and Jermaine Dupri, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if either were to call on him for assistance. It’ll be on Justin to decipher which songs he’d like to keep for himself or decide to give away. “Its all depends on whether I outgrew the song from waiting too long; if I hear another artist on the song, or if it doesn’t fit the feel of the project.”

Justin Love’s new project When Love Returns is said to be the line where trap and hip-hop meet R&B and soul. “I would love for my fans to truly understand how versatile I am as an artist,” Justin narrows down his hopes. “There are a few different vibes on the project that I know many people will love.”