STREAM: Soleima’s ‘Bulldog’ EP

Stuck in a state of creative experimentation, Danish singer, songwriter and producer Soleima delivers her newest EP Bulldog

The project consists of five tracks: “Pacify Me,” “Low Life,” “Bulldog,” “Waterloo Skit,” and “Friend.” It’s filled with majestic, high energy sounds perfect for summer.

Released via Big Beat Records, Bulldog is Soleima’s sophomore project following her debut EP No.14. The mini album’s composition scores the singer much attention and accolades – including “Talent of the Year” at the major Danish award ceremony P3 Guld and “Best Newcomer” at the Danish Music Awards. Radio 1’s Annie Mac also highlighted Soleima as a “New Name.”

Solemia’s goal with Bulldog was to showcase her quirkiness, closeness, and unconventional pop sensibilities. In a recent interview with Gaffa, the singer revealed her creative process for the album, “These new tracks are some of the most experimental tracks I’ve ever done,” she said.  “I think it’s important to continuously release songs like this, both personally, but also so that our music doesn’t get too homogenized and generic. That’s always a challenge when you’re trying to fit into a certain box, and then we, as artists, tend to create very similar stuff.”