Niia and Gallant Are Done For In ‘Constantly Dissatisfied’ Video

Niia teams up with director Sasha Samsonova again to execute the visuals for her Gallant-assisted track, “Constantly Dissatisfied.”

The clip starts off with a disclaimer before going into telling the story of a Hollywood duo’s failed relationship. “Long periods of Constant Dissatisfaction may cause excessive drinking, smoking, and erratic behavior,” the screen reads.

“After years together in the limelight, the Hollywood duo has grown apart. Both unhappy and disenchanted, they find themselves daydreaming of the past and trying to forget the present.”

Niia switches up her look in a number of scenes: from rollers to a bob with bangs, the singer gives us diversity while playing the ultimate pinup girl in her chic Hollywood home.

“Constantly Dissatisfied” is the most upfront single out there. It’s raw and calls for lovers to be accountable. On the track, the duo is heard calling one another out on their dissatisfaction with their relationship.

“Do I give up too easy?/ Or do I hold on too long?/ I know you’re not the reason/ Still, I can’t help feeling wrong,” Niia kicks it off.

Gallant answers her plaguing questions with a few of his own. “Do I even want to beg the question?/ Do I even want to analyze?”

Niia’s jazzy tone mixed with Gallant’s falsetto makes for the perfect combination.

“Constantly Dissatisfied” was originally featured on Niia’s 2017 debut album I.