Corey Mekell Releases ‘If’ Ft. Eric Bellinger; Proves Vocal Ability Still Matters

Riffs and runs can break a song, but when arranged correctly, they become a listener’s paradise.

Corey Mekell and Eric Bellinger join forces in an effort to ‘do their best to change’ in the sultry, yet, catchy apology entitled ‘If.’ Mekell’s new single suggests that the pair has messed up one too many times and they’re beggin’ and pleading to fix their wrongs. But also pose the question: if the wrongs are mended would there be anything to work for?

The sultry vibe was written and recorded by Mekell and Bellinger last June during a private session. The location wasn’t disclosed, but we’re pretty sure the duo was ducked off in the Hollywood Hills or in a towering skyscraper overlooking downtown Los Angeles. Nevertheless, in Beyonce speed, ‘If’ was completed in an hour and a half – flat.

While creating the masterpiece was an endearing experience for Mekell, getting to that point was much more of a challenge. “I’ve always used Eric as the blueprint,” Mekell said. “He was a mentor first, then a partner in song later. He suggested that I find my voice instead of relying heavily on vocal comparisons as a gateway to validly and relevance in this industry.”

And finding himself was the best medicine for his vocal identity crisis. With a new outlook on his talent, Mekell found himself in a God-sent situation. “Eric called me randomly while I was in the studio and invited me to come on his ‘Malibu Nights’ tour,” he said humbly. “This experience has really pushed me to be a better performer and singer.

The last months of Mekell’s life have been a roller coaster of tour dates, studio sessions and performing next to one of the best songwriters of this generation. And luckily for those who love a great vocal performance, ‘If’ isn’t just about an R&B apology, but a real testament to male R&B singers competing vocally in perfect harmony. Apologizing to your girl is one thing, but singing it is the ultimate play.

“When you hear this you gonna’ play it again…”