R&B Group Bluff City Attains Chart Success With ‘Let Me Show You,’ Credits Troy Taylor For Success

R&B groups matter!

In the last 10 years, we’ve practically seen R&B groups – not to be confused with Pop or Gospel groups – fall off the face of the charts and our favorite playlists. That’s, until, Atlanta-based quartet Bluff City cracked the Top 20 on Billboard’s Adult R&B chart earlier this week with their rising single, “Let Me Show You.”

Comprised of Frank, Trevante, Roney, and Rakeem, the singing souls bring an updated reality to classic riffs, four-part harmonies and what we as an R&B community defines as ‘good ‘ole singing.’ The charting single reflects this master formula along with soothing guitar strings and background vocals straight from a ‘90s R&B playbook.

“R&B is the Culture,” the group yelled simultaneously. “We’re inspired by 112, Dru Hill and The Jackson 5. No one was lacking in those groups. Everyone held their weight, especially vocally. So we had no choice but to knock it out the park.”

Aside from their eye candy appeal and state-of-the-art production (courtesy of Trey Songz, “Say Ahh” super producer, Troy Taylor and Pharrell Williams, “Happy” engineer, Leslie Brathwaite), “Let Me Show You” offers a smooth sampling of Bluff City’s raw talents. “The single was written and produced by the group, Troy and Vedo,” said the group. “Troy really pushed us to the limit and we went the distance. The idea was to do something that people aren’t doing: biggin’ up the women, talking about love and promoting honesty.”

And judging from their widening appeal and growing fan base, this R&B group stands out and will continue to rise. Clarity, confidence, and composure are their innate qualities, but singing is clearly their mainstay.