Nikkie Ariel Is A Pure Beach Babe In “Never” Video

Returning with the visual to her recently released track “Never,” the seductress Nikkie Ariel takes her talents to the beach.

Through her music, Nikkie conveys the true meaning of unconditional love and monogamy. With a sexy yet sweet melodious voice, she has the ability to capture an audience beyond the scope of R&B.

The visual for this single marries the song and depicts the essence of the love she has for her partner. Not only is she walking across a beach that is hit by a luxurious sunset but the waves behind her are moving as if there is some magical force in the air that brings her emotions to life. What really hits the spot is the scene towards the end where she begins to carve something of importance into the sand: their initials with a heart surrounding it. It is simply moving and truly exemplifies what it feels like to be in love.

Watch “Never” below.