Karma’s A B*tch, Watch Kiana Lede’s New Video For “Fairplay”

The 20-year-old singer-songwriter and actor Kiana Ledé‘s belief in karma is what holds the pieces together in her new video for “Fairplay.”

The clip is set in New Orleans, where the singer is wrapped up in a voodoo-like revenge narrative. As Kiana sees her ex out with another woman, she lays out the multiple ways in which karma could take care of him.

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Kiana discussed the song’s inspiration: “I wrote this song when I went through a messy breakup,” she said. “I got cheated on, and I was in that angry phase that you go through when you have a breakup… It was a blessing in disguise because that relationship was affecting my growth. I needed that relationship to end so I could grow. A lot of good things were happening to me after that, so I thought, ‘Man, that’s karma.’ I feel like I put my whole heart into that relationship and good things still [came from it], even though he gave up. So what goes around, comes around.”

As “Fairplay” exudes the magical essence of New Orleans, Kiana Ledé readies her debut EP set for release via Republic Records.

“Tell me why you mad / Tell me why you hurt / Bet you didn’t think that the tables would turn.”