Clara Mae Drops New Video For “I Forgot”

Clara Mae is here to deliver her sophomore single, “I Forgot.”

The Sweden-based singer/songwriter jumped on the scene last year with her debut single, “I’m Not Her,” and returned recently with another fresh offering.

Release via Big Beat Records, Clara Mae uses her signature seductive vocals to recite the song’s relatable lyrics. A trained jazz vocalist, she has made it her mission to infuse those teachings into the pop world.

Clara Mae garnered the attention of many in the business after penning songs for producers, David Guetta, Tiesto and Martin Jensen. All of her hard work led her to a collaborative viral track “Taped Up Heart,” made with producer duo KREAM.

“I Forgot” is a self-reflecting single that takes you through the moment when you end up seeing an ex for the first time in a while. Many thoughts run through your mind, and sometimes old feelings resurface.

“Mostly all of my lyrics stem from personal and relatable experiences,” Clara says. “’I Forgot’ is definitely one of these songs – I think everyone can relate to the idea of when you see an ex for the first time after a while, and you get a rush of confusing emotions, that make you forget why you even broke up in the first place, but then something happens to make reality snap back in, and the intense moment ends.”