Nonchalant Savant Is Ready to ‘¡spark!’ It Up

Releasing his debut EP on Friday (March 9th), Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Nonchalant Savant is ready to put his moves on the world and ¡spark! it up.

Real name Nicholas Pimentel, Savant is signed to Miguel’s Schedule 1 label.

¡spark! is the first in a series of projects leading up to the release of his forthcoming debut album, ARCHITEXTURE.

Stepping on the scene with his debut single, “Mixed Signals,” Savant showed off his signature world of colors, patterns, rhythms, and vibe. But don’t get it twisted, Nonchalant Savant isn’t new to the industry — he’s worked with Lyrica Anderson, Tiron & Ayomari, Shafiq Husayn and Miguel.

He also shared stages with many other rising artists including, SiR, Tiffany Gouche, DuckWRTH, and Thurz.

1. generation of beat
2. vino
3. mixed signals
4. quotable
5. deepends
6. …calling
7. cupcakes
8. via leaves (3 wishes)
9. hacerlo
10. same way
11. solar bowlador

Nonchalant takes his opportunities seriously and decided after making an appearance on Viceland’s EarthWorks that he would release singles off of purgeTape: a continuously updated playlist of original songs.

Savant is currently touring with Miguel and SiR on the War & Leisure Tour. Be sure to purchase your tickets for the March 9th launched trek.

Listen to the melting pot of sounds.