STREAM: Hamilton Park’s New Love-Making EP ‘It Was Necessary”

Trio Hamilton Park returns to Singersroom, this time with their new infectious R&B EP, It Was Necessary. Hamilton Park is comprised of singer/songwriters Markus Free, Anthony Dorsey and Chris Voice.

It’s been 7 years since the group released any music and they use this project to explain their hiatus. Bandmate Anthony is heard speaking on the group’s behalf on the title interlude.”It was necessary, just to be simply put,” he explains. “When you’re developing, when you’re maturing sometimes it’s necessary to just say, ‘Hey take a pause, analyze the situation, process it, come up with a concrete plan and then execute. So that brings us to this point. We’ve stepped back, we’ve analyzed and processed, came up with the concrete plan, a method, a great philosophy and now we’re executing. It was necessary.”

Kicking off the EP’s success, Hamilton Park released two singles, “Leave It In” and “Love Me To Sleep.” Both songs are featured amongst the 8 tracks making up It Was Necessary.

For those fans who stuck with HP during their hiatus, they are working on something promising for you.

“There are major opportunities in the works that we won’t speak on just yet but for fans to stay tuned and be on the lookout! Shout-out to Playtime Talent Group, J.Couture Productions and Lost In Music; these visuals were knocked out the park thanks to our team! This time around, fans are getting Hamilton Park authentically from style to production, we get to be ourselves!”