Demo Taped Releases New EP ‘Momentary’

20-year-old Atlanta native Demo Taped, aka Adam Alexander, delivers his electronic R&B infused EP, Momentary. The project, released via label 300 Entertainment, is a montage of Demo Taped’s favorite textures and sounds he wanted to share with the world.

The first song from the EP, “Insecure,” premiered on NPR. The single introduced a new sound to the Demo Taped audience as it is an R&B track with a gospel redux.

The five-track EP is a live journal where Demo shares his personal struggles with depression and anxiety. He also opens up to his fans and future listeners on his hardships discovering identity, masculinity and navigating through various relationships.

Momentary is all about perspective, and the way we view things. How the things we all experience — pain, doubt, joy, happiness — are momentary,” he explained in a recent conversation with i-D.

The singer-producer dropped his second track “Own It,” also featured on the EP a few days before its release.

Momentary showcases the young visionary’s capability to be vulnerable and humbled by life’s lessons and experiences. He uses his music to tell his story, showing others that they aren’t alone.

Listen to Momentary below.