Go-Go Band Experience Unlimited Announces “Doing ‘Da Butt'” Movie & Soundtrack

In celebration of Spike Lee’s 30th anniversary of the classic film ‘School Daze,’ Washington, D.C. based go-go band Experience Unlimited (also known as E.U.) announced their production deal for the filming of ‘Doing “Da Butt.”‘ The feature film will tell the band’s story and how they found their way to the #1 spot on the Billboard Chart, earning them worldwide sales.

With lead singer Gregory “Sugar Bear,” EU was formed in the 70’s inspired by artists like Earth Wind & Fire, Santana, War and Chuck Brown. It was their hit single, “Da Butt,” that spark the attention of legendary film director Spike Lee, who chose the group’s single to perform on the soundtrack of his film ‘School Daze.’

‘Da Butt’ will follow the group’s journey to stardom, its accompanying lifestyle, as well as other personal experiences.

Experience Unlimited traveled to New York in 1987 to record “Da Butt” and reached its number one spot in April 1988. The song was written by Marcus Miller and was later ranked #61 on VH1’s 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 80s. The music video was directed by Spike Lee.

“The vision of the film is to create a movement to forever preserve the legacy of go-go music,” stated Julius (JuJu) House, lead Drummer/Producer of EU. “This will be the first film produced in the D.C. metropolitan area independently,” he continued.

Directed by Howard Gibson, ‘Da Butt’ documentary will be accompanied by a soundtrack featuring DMV artists Wale, Tank, Shy Glizzy and more.

The film’s completion is dependent on a crowdfunding campaign which will launch on March 15th. The campaign’s goal is to engage and focus the DMV community to “tell our stories.” The monies raised will go towards raising seed capital for the production, featuring giveaway-movie tickets, soundtrack, DVD and other film memorabilia.