STREAM: Kodak Black’s New R&B Mixtape, “Heartbreak Kodak”

Commemorating Valentine’s day holiday in his own way, hip-hop artist Kodak Black shows fans a different side with the new R&B inspired project, Heartbreak Kodak.

Heartbreak Kodak is the follow up to Kodak’s November release, Project Baby Two: All Grown Up, the deluxe edition of the chart-topping mixtape, Project Baby Two.


1. Running Outta Love
2. Bill and Jill
3. Hate Being Alone
4. Acting Weird
5. Codeine Dreaming (feat. Lil Wayne)
6. Why You Always Gotta Go
7. Laudy
8. F**k With You (feat. Tory Lanez)
9. I Get Lonely
10. Loyal
11. Corrupted
12. Kicking In
13. Call You
14. No Feelings
15. Helluva Love
16. When Vultures Cry
17. Feb 14

With features by Lil’ Wayne and Torey Lanez, Kodak conveys the trials and tribulations with love on this new body of work. His vocal ability and new melodies have introduced him to the world of R&B.

Gearing up for the release of his forthcoming studio album, Intuition 2, Kodak’s delivery of Heartbreak Kodak is enough to hold fans over.