Jesse Boykins III Recruits Actress Rosario Dawson To Be One Of His Magical “Earth Girls”

“Earth Girls” is the latest single from singer-songwriter Jess Boykins III’s most recent album, Bartholomew.

The Def Jam signee follows up the song’s release with a surreal visual dedicated to Earth’s most precious being, the woman. Bringing his love of fashion and mother nature, Jesse developed the video’s treatment.

“I’m really into surreal realism,” he says. “I love the fashion world, but sometimes there isn’t any reality in the fashion world. I was finding a way to hybrid the two and bring them together.”

As a fan of Jesse, Rosario Dawson agreed without hesitation to be a part of his experiment.

Directed by Christine Yuan, the “Earth Girls” video captures a number of women in their natural states: brushing their hair, laying in bed, and dancing in their rooms; each of them dressed in the finest duds. Boykins is seen basking in riches too.

The diversity of the women in “Earth Girls” is the ultimate ode to women all over the world.

“They say women are from Venus, but I love my earth girls,” sings Jesse.

Take a look at the musical lookbook below: