Jeorgia’s “Think of Me” Ballad Is The First Step In Mending A Broken Heart

In a stripped-down confession, newcomer Jeorgia is having a hard time walking away from love. Debut single, “Think of Me,” follows the singer as she questions the thoughts of her ex-boyfriend; pushing her to ask, “do you still think of me?”

The South London native was one of the first artist to be signed to the recently created Amy Winehouse Management. With a loyal fanbase on YouTube, developed from her successful musical covers, Jeorgia is ready to give the world her sound.

Her voice is both stunning and captivating. “Think of Me” is a track filled with heartbreak and unanswered questions. Jeorgia’s vulnerability help push its relatability for it to be an instant fan-favorite.

“This song is for anyone who has an Ex, it’s the most thought of thing when a relationship ends,” she says. “We all wonder about it, but seldom say it, I sung it.”