Parson James Strips Down In “Only You”

As an artist and activist in  the LGBTQ community, singer-songwriter Parson James makes it his mission to display the community’s beauty and relatability in the visual for his single, “Only You.”

The emotionally-balanced breakup song follows Parson as he releases himself from a love he can no longer partake in. The song is captivating and hurls you into a bag of mixed emotions as it causes you to face fears of leaving a comfort zone.

Parson breaks down the single’s importance: “This song is so close to me, so it was important that visually it was represented in a way that felt exactly like the sentiment. I was in a toxic relationship that I felt bound by. There was most definitely love and passion but at a certain point it became completely co-dependent and the comfort was the most toxic part of it.”

When discussing the video’s cast, Parson shared that he was adamant about including a trans character as it is rare that we see their stories portrayed in common narratives. “I am humbled, moved & so proud to be able to share this story visually in this way, with this cast.”

“Only You” follows the singer’s summer collaboration with Hook N Sling and Betty Who titled, “If You’re Hearing This.”