Adrian Marcel sidesteps the flashy tales of his lyrics for a simple visual, which sees him caring for his Chevy truck.

In the clip, he plays a mechanic that puts in a hard day of labor in a local body shop to get his whip right — in between, he shows shots of his rural neighborhood.

In contrary to the visual, “Chevy” is an alluring and raunchy song about the intricacies of a female.

“I know your emotions like an elevator / They go up and down and up and down like when you’re up and down on me,” he sings. “Ridin all on me / Tellin me that you’ll never leave / Rub my hand all through your weave / Feelin all on your insides / You’re only nasty for me girl, I love it.”

The visual follows last month’s “Beat It Up,” both lifted from Adrian’s full-length debut album, GMFU.  Executive produced by Raphael Saadiq, the project includes production from Saadiq, NO I.D, Big Jerm of ID Labs and more.