Janine – Don’t Love Me (Live Acoustic)

R&B artist Janine, formerly known as Janine and The Mixtape, release the live acoustic video for her song, “Don’t Love Me.”

In the clip, the talented songstress delivers the emotion-filled performance in a studio backed by an acoustic guitar player. Dressed in body-hugging black dress, Janine brings the somber lyrics of the song to life as she passionately shares her tale of heartbreak.

In 2018, Janine plans to go hard in the paint, with or without the support from her record label, Atlantic Records, who she signed with in 2014.

“I’m really excited to be starting the rollout of my album release. I finished my album in 2016 so it’s been a long wait for me and my fans,” Janine tells Singersroom. “While I would have loved it to come out earlier, it has been an amazing year of learning for me. Before I was signed to Atlantic, I did everything myself, from writing and production to artwork to reaching out to media outlets and having a personal relationship with them. My buzz was self-made and I had a lot of movement that way. While I still write and produce and I’m heavily involved in everything I do, I started to lean on my label and management too much without realizing.”

She continued: “I’ve gotten back to my roots and have been doing things the way I used to. I’m reaching out to more of my peers rather than putting too much focus on trying to work with people who are way ahead of me and it’s going great. The label has jumped back on board now and I got my hustle back. I’m really excited for 2018 and for everyone to hear my new music. I can’t stress how important it is for artists to do their own thing regardless of whether they are signed or independent. Be grateful to everyone who helps you along the way but never rely on anyone too much. Keep pushing.”

In a few weeks, Janine plans to release the new single, “Never The Right Time,” but for now, she will continue her buzz-creating movement.

Watch the video for “Don’t Love Me” below and purchase the song here.


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