Tamar Braxton’s Mom Evelyn Details An Episode Where Vincent Herbert Allegedly Abused Her Daughter

A few weeks back, Tamar Braxton’s mother, Evelyn Braxton, spoke publicly about her daughter’s abusive relationship with estranged husband, Vincent Herbert.

During an interview, Evelyn warned Vince about abusing her daughter, insisting, “Only one thing, keep his hands off my child, stop before he hurts her or kills her.”

Now, in a new interview with “Sister Circle TV,” Evelyn details an incident where she witnessed Vince hurting Tamar.

“One night I got up, I heard all of this noise,” Evelyn recalls. “I thought the elevator was falling out of the socket, so I ran into the kitchen, and I’m like, ‘what is going on for God sakes?’ He was abusing her. She was trying to run; she was trying to get away.”

Evelyn then claims she retreated from the room, mainly to protect the child, who was in a different area of the house.

“I spoke to him about it… and he turned on me. So, I ran back to my room because the baby was in the bed with me,” she says. “I was very much afraid for the baby because of his whole demeanor. I put a chair behind the door. I barricaded myself in the room and held that baby all night long. That’s no way for anyone to live.”

Evelyn says although she was concerned for her daughter’s safety, she decided not to call the cops.

“I was very concerned about my daughter, however, If I would have called the police, she would have denied it,” she adds.

Are we missing something here? You didn’t call the cops because you thought your daughter would deny it, but you were worried about you and your grandson’s safety?

Seems fishy but we digress!

“Battered women are in denial,” she says. “They’re hoping that things would change or get better… It will not get better.”

A month ago, Tamar, 40, filed for divorce from Vince, her husband of almost nine years, citing irreconcilable differences for their split. Prior to filing papers in a Los Angeles court, the relationship was rumored to be on a downhill slide.

Along with the divorce filing, Tamar is also requesting full custody of their four-year-old son Logan, and she also asked a judge to deny spousal support to Herbert, who is also her manager, should he file a motion for help with finances. She also implied that there was no prenuptial agreement.

Vince has yet to comment publicly!


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