Bri Marie Taps Ballad For The Soul-Bending Duet, “Sleepless”

We’re overloaded with so many styles of music, which some call R&B that we may forget what a real ballad sounds like. In case you needed a reminder, Bri Marie’s eargasmic duet with Ballad, entitled “Sleepless,” should help refresh your memory.

“Sleepless” is full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics and helps raise the bar in today’s R&B genre while hovering around a topic that everyone can relate to — the ups and downs of relationships.

The sultry and heartstrings pulling single arrives with an accompanying music video, which captures the true essence of the lyrics, making for a complete package deal.

Ballad kicks off the song with apologetic lyrics: “I ain’t perfect baby, yeah I made mistakes, I know I hurt you baby – won’t do that shit again.” His delivery is appetizing to the ear, especially as he shifts to his smooth falsetto voice.

23-year-old Bri follows with another heartfelt verse, giving us goosebumps at times as she sings, “You slept on me, and now I’m an insomniac, ironic ain’t it – you f*cked up, but I want you back.”

The new single follows Bri’s well-received debut EP, “Beginnings.”

Join us and put “Sleepless” on repeat!

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