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Jayo – Ya Know Better


Louisville, Kentucky, R&B artist Jayo tells his lady to stop over thinking because “Ya Know Better” in the music video for his latest single.

In the clip, the single songwriter sits on a grand piano as he vocally spills his truth to his lady who is concern that he has a side chick. “I know I’ve been dissing, but I’ve just been working, trying to make a million,” he sings.

“So lately a ni**a really been working harder than ever. this music shit really been my dream since I was 4 & its so crazy to me how far ive come,” Jayo declares. “I went to LA & shot this amazing video & met some great people. i have amazing people helping me promote this mf who been riding w/me since litterally day1. plus i got hella new shit thats really gonna set me apart from the erbody else in store that i cant wait to share with yall. shits just really been looking out lately & im just beyond grateful.”

Watch “Ya Know Better” below:

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