Emerging Artist Mia LJ Tackles Drugs and Sexuality in “Ambiguous” Video

Emerging New York-based R&B/Pop artist Mia LJ pushes her sexuality to experimental territories in her newly released music video for “Ambiguous.”

In the dark clip, the 19-year-old takes on the role of a bi-sexual lover as she grapples with her sexual identity. Also evident in the conceptual clip are drugs and alcohol, substances used to enhance thoughts and behaviors.

For Mia, “Ambiguous,” which will appear on her upcoming album, This Livin, is a bold and personal statement.

“Ambiguous is my first conceptual music video. The song title’s literal definition is “open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning.” I wrote & produced this song at 16 years old, being in the midst of an experimental period centered around my sexuality, drug use, and music’s overall sound design,” Mia told Singersroom. “When broken down word for word, every single lyric in the song holds direct relation to an altered state of mind triggered by two of the most notorious drugs – love & prescription pills, more specifically painkillers. The wordplay is quite straightforward when referencing either high. Love is a drug that alters one’s state of mind similar to the way actual chemical substances do. The human mind has this impulse to achieve a physical/body high rather than one that is mentally consuming. People seem to partake in intimacy and/or use drugs to reduce momentary pain or clear their mind. The sensual high triggered by sex is similar to that of prescription painkillers where it doesn’t necessarily numb you but relieves stress/pain. When experimenting with either drug, my goal is to harness self-control while under the influence of an entity that is foreign to our body & mind. Drugs have the ability to control people, to completely consume the mind & determine one’s actions. I wanted to stay away from depicting heavier drug use in this visual as the concept is already quite controversial.

Mia’s forthcoming project, ‘This Livin,’ precedes her 2016 debut EP, ‘These Are The Years.’

“I am so stoked to share my debut album with the world!! Every record was independently written (guitar, piano, drums, bass, lyrics, vocal melody, etc) & produced by yours truly,” she says. “We are closing in on the full-length release, but I’ve yet to announce the date. In the meantime, fans can expect a ton of singles, collaborations, visuals, and more as the release approaches.

In the coming year, Mia plans on touring North America and Europe. She also plans to continue to grow as an artist and songwriter, and from where we’re standing, she’s very much on her way.


She closed with: “When I first started writing music, the foundation of my sound was heavily influenced by the likes of Coldplay, Paramore, Lenny Kravtiz, and tons of other iconic names. My taste has expanded into the realms of R&B, heavy metal, rap, EDM & everything in between. At this point, my music naturally combines elements from each genre. Lyrically, my songwriting has closed in on this hunger for more when it comes to sensual relationships & my career. I’m able to express thoughts & feelings through sound with much more ease compared to my efforts in general discussions. The right words can be tricky to find with a lack of intent behind them. Music puts intent, emotion, and reason behind words. Music gives my life reason.”

Creative, intelligent, and musically gifted — The world better watch out for Mia.



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