PREMIERE: Renee Dion – Haven (Album)


Indie R&B artist Renee Dion took a hiatus from music, but during her time away, she discovered a new creative space. This new uncharted territory is responsible for the birth of her fourth project, Haven, an effort that touches on love, pain, self-worth, and more.

“Creating “HAVEN” was very difficult at times. It was just me and God in my home studio, so it took a lot of self-encouragement and purging,” Renee told Singersroom. “To be honest that self-encouragement and purging still carry on today. I liken this project to a mother bird trying to build a nest for her babies. Rough edges being smoothed out, sharp pieces being broken. It’s painful, it’s growth, but in the end, it’s beautiful. The definition for “HAVEN” is a place of safety or refuge; I’ve found that in my music again.”

‘Haven’ is an album to put on Sunday morning while you clean the house or in the evening when you can home from work and want to unwind. It’s relaxing, soulful, and inspiring.

“The inspiration behind creating this album was very personal. I wanted to see how far I could push myself,” she adds. “After a while, it started feeling good. I also listened to a lot of Sade during the process of creating this album. She is hands down one of my favorite artists for sure. Her simplicity of melody over deep grooves has always been an aspiration of mine, so for two years, I took my time on each song, and I feel like I found my voice for this season in my life.”

We love where Renee took ‘Haven,’ and we hope you guys enjoy it. Listen below and purchase on Amazon.



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