Solange Knowles for AnOther Magazine

Solange Brings Her Unique Fashion Style to AnOther Magazine

Solange Knowles for AnOther Magazine

Solange Knowles is the latest cover story feature for AnOther Magazine; In her sit-down, she touches on her socially-infused breakthrough album, A Seat at the Table, racism, identity, positivity, pride, and more.

Check out some excerpts from the cover story below and visit to read the full article.

On creating awareness with A Seat at the Table:

“I’d love to say, ‘Yes I worked on the album, delivered it and it solved all of my problems and all of the complexities for me,’ but it didn’t. I’m trying to work through everything I felt on the album, it’s a work in progress.”

On why she made the album:

“I made this record to find some sort of reconciliation with myself and how I acted… It’s been really interesting trying to figure out how to have that conversation with the people who love this record because I had to do this album to try to make myself a better human. It’s been so wonderful and humbling when you start at the root of that and then see how it can grow”

On owning her art:

“When I look back, there had been a number of things that had happened personally. There were other explorations that I was working through to just be comfortable in saying, ‘You know what? This is the work of a black woman’, and being confident in saying that and not trying to make it universal and dumb that down. I am so grateful to have other black women artists and writers like Claudia who have helped me reach that point – to be able to have ownership of my artistic journey.”

On being a creator from an early age:

“I mean this sort of thing started when I was probably about three. When I got to the fourth grade, there was a statewide contest in the district. United Way was looking for a new jingle and they had a contest for elementary and middle-school students to submit a song to be debuted on a commercial. I had always written my thoughts and poetry in my little journal but I guess I had never thought about the construct of songwriting that much. I was nine. So I came up with the melody first, and I felt really strongly about my melody and still remember it today. Then I went back and filled in the lyrics, which were really simple and straightforward. I recorded it and sent it in and about two months later found out that I won. That instilled a lot of confidence in me in terms of how I could communicate musically. I grew up in a house full of women, so being the youngest I felt it was increasingly difficult for me to convey my perspective and point of view.”

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