If Sheila E. has her way, you will be having a funky good time!

During a recent appearance on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,’ the funk and soul icon joined music director Jon Batiste, and his band Stay Human band to perform a show-stopping rendition of the classic track “Come Together” by The Beatles. The performance was hi-energy and musically filling as Sheila and crew captivated audience members.

“Come Together” is just one cover from Sheila E.’s wide-ranging new album, ‘Iconic: Message 4 America.” The “Queen of Percussion” also put her stamp on songs by Marvin Gaye (a medley of “Inner City Blues” and “Trouble Man”), Parliament/Funkadelic (a combination of “One Nation Under A Groove” and “Mothership Connection”) and Curtis Mayfield (“Pusherman”).

The project was inspired by the death her longtime friend and collaborator Prince and the election of Donald Trump. “I was mourning Prince, I was mourning our country,” Sheila E. told Rolling Stone. “This person who comes into office through bullying – it was just overwhelming. I cried a lot. I still often cry a lot. It’s just the way I heal.”

The album version of “Come Together” also features a contribution from Ringo Starr. “I remember calling Ringo and leaving a message of his cell phone,” she said. “He immediately calls me back saying to just bring him the sound files. He just killed it.”