[Video Premiere] Amber Lee – Don’t Need That

Today (Aug 29), twenty-year-old New York native Amber Lee premieres her new video “Don’t Need That.”

In the stylish bad-ass video, Amber is seeking revenge on her cheating significant other, taking matters into her own hands, and reclaiming the key to her heart and happiness.

“When ‘Don’t Need That’ came about, I had a lot of negativity around me and felt that I needed to get rid of that energy. So, I told my producer, Kakeab Rollins what mood I was in and we created the song,” Amber exclusively explains.

She continues, “The video mostly highlights a relationship gone bad. My love interest betrays me and steals my ‘key,’ which holds all the music on my EP. So the whole video I am tracking him down to get back what’s mine but the song’s meaning goes beyond just a relationship. It’s for everything we don’t need in life – negativity, discrimination, Trump, murder etc.”

Watch below:

Amber Lee has performed for large audiences in New York City and across the country including opening up for international superstar Shaggy a few times.  She has been singing since as early as she can remember and released her buzzing first official project Many Good Age on June 30th.

IG and FB: @iamamber_lee