Canadian Songstress a l l i e Drops Trippy ‘Bad Habits’ Video

Toronto-based singer/songwriter a l l i e drops the video for her single “Bad Habits,” a buttery song that paints the picture of a scene where she is overwhelmed by the pressure of performing for an audience that only sees her as eye candy. Alcohol, the “bad habit” in this case, aids as an escape and drowns out the noise.

Directed by Mark Martin, the video is trippy as a l l i e is seen in the misty wilderness of Rockwood Conservation Area in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Surrounded by friends (including the track’s producer Birthday Boy) the group chills in a cave, plays in a sink filled with pink liquid surrounded by pink pills, and surrounds themselves with other random antique items.

Bad Habits is a l l i e’s first single from Nightshade, her debut album out now via Oracle Records.

Watch the trippy visual below: