Kehlani Throws Fans Out Of Concert For Yelling Out Ex’s Name

Wow, Kehlani still feels some type of way just by hearing the name of her ex.

On Monday (June 12), the singer threw a fan out during her concert in Tucson, Arizona for yelling her ex-boyfriend NBA star Kyrie Irving’s name. In the middle of her set, she asked other audience members to point out the culprit and urged security to remove him from the premises.

“Get the fuck out this concert b*tch,” she said. “Point him out. Where was the guy? Y’all better be loyal to me in this b*tch. Point that ni**a out. Where the fuck he at? Get his b*tch-ass out. Fuck you. We don’t play that stupid-ass sh*t up in here. Come on. Kyrie would whoop your fuckin’ ass. That’s my best fuckin’ friend.”

See below:

Fan yells “Kyrie” during concert, #Kehlani kicks them out

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Afterwards, she went on IG and in a now-deleted post, elaborated on her actions that night. She wrote:

“after a year of being tormented, harassed, people sending me death threats/showing up to festivals in jerseys throwing shit at me and chanting names, bullying my family in school, at the grocery store, walking down the street, shit that I never even SPOKE on because I dealt with my problems like an adult ON MY OWN for once…I finally stood up for myself,” she wrote. “After a year of depression and therapy, moving away to a new city because of it, i FINALLY STOOD UP FOR MYSELF. I’ve held concerts where when they screamed a name at me I ran off, had a panic attack and cried. I’m finally confident, fearless and unashamed. It felt good as hell to do what I did, so bring on whatever you want because I’m proud of myself, my team is proud of me, my mom is proud of me. I wish you peace —- oh… and you couldnt last a day in my shoes.”

The turmoil she speaks of is that of last year when Kehlani’s then-bae-and-ex-before Kyrie, singer PartyNextDoor, posted a photo of him on IG holding her hand while laying in bed. Kyrie announced they that had quietly split a month before, but it was too late; social media heavily scrutinized the singer and accused her of cheating, which landed her in the hospital after she allegedly tried to commit suicide from all the online bullying. She posted a pic on IG of her arm with an IV in the hospital, prompting further accusations that the singer is an attention seeker.

Throwing old dude out of the concert seems a little harsh since he only said his name, but I guess the lesson here is don’t bring up Kehlani’s past or you will suffer her wrath.