Frank Ocean Performs at Denmark’s Northside Festival (Video)

Elusive singer Frank Ocean made appearances at two festivals, Denmark’s NorthSide Festival on Friday (June 9th) and Manchester’s Parklike Festival on Saturday (June 10th) to perform some of his hits and fan favorites.

At the NorthSide Festival, his set included a hefty 19 songs where he performed “Hublots,” “Commes Des Garcons,” “Wither,” and “Higgs.” He also performed songs from his latest album Blonde “Solo,” “Pink + White,” “Nights,” “Ivy,” and “Nikes.”

The events marked his first live performances in three years, according to Rolling Stone. He’s also set to perform at a the Lovebox, FYF, Panorama, WayHome, Way Out, and Flow festivals.

Watch Ocean return to the stage in Denmark below: