Kid Astray – Fall to My Knees

Having known each other since they were at school, Kid Astray have always let their personal chemistry run through their musical direction. With influences ranging from MGMT to Passion Pit, the band’s intentions of creating hugely enjoyable pop music has been the cornerstone of their entire career thus far.

Their latest single release ‘Fall To My Knees’ continues this promising legacy by infusing a more euphoric sound into a more conventional electro-pop dynamic, resulting in a track that not only stands out from its peers, but is also enjoyable throughout.

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“Right before the gig we got this idea that we wanted to make a music video out of it, showcasing the artwork for the single with animations and stuff. And also because we knew it would be a really cool gig on film.”

Speaking about what influenced their latest single, the band said, “Fall to My Knees” is about a gig we played in Berlin in the spring of 2015. We were having a really tough time, battling some undue negativity in the media and in the people around us. We just wanted to quit, go to sleep, and not play this showcase at a club. But that show just blew up and made us remember why in the world we’re so determined to keep on doing this. It’s pretty big for a couple of 20 year olds to able to play a sold-out show in the hipster capitol of Europe. And this song is a reminder of that.”

‘Fall To My Knees’ kicks off the band’s 2017 with a huge bang, as they plan to return later this year with a new EP that will surely see them emerge as one of the best new bands coming out of Norway.


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