Cindy Rainne Empowers Women To Love Themselves In ‘Irresistible Me’ Video

Singer-songwriter and pianist Cindy Rainne releases her debut single and music video for her featured track “Irresistible Me.”

The visual (directed by David Braff of Eleven203 Productions) surrounds the theme of self-love for women in their journey towards self-empowerment. The lyrics are a reflection of Cindy’s process of growing from external validation from men to her decision to focus inward and to love herself for all that she is (her personality, beauty, skillset, talents, and quirks). She struggled at a point in her life, wondering why attractive men saw her best qualities as flaws. Then, Cindy realized that she was enough and always had all of the power within herself to thrive. Cindy Rainne wrote “Irresistible Me” to empower herself and women everywhere to challenge self-doubt and fear, accept self-worth, and to live authentically.

Whenever I open my mouth to sing “Irresistible Me,” THIS is what I’m really saying: I FINALLY believe it with every fiber of my being,” Rainne says.

Be inspired by Cindy’s message by watching “Irresistible Me” below:

In 2015, Cindy Rainne raised over $20K on Kickstarter to fly to England and record her debut EP, Unmasked where she worked with her dream producer, Blair MacKichan (Sia, Lily Allen, Asa). Unmasked will be released this year.