Report: Prince’s Family Prepping Reality Show

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Prince’s posthumous EP Deliverance wouldn’t see the April 21st release date because his estate forbid it, claiming the EP’s curator, Ian Boxhill, violated a contract he signed with Prince to keep the music under wraps.

Now, we may have a deeper reason why the music was halted. According to TMZ, Prince’s family/estate wants to use the music for a future reality show with an unnamed production company. The show will reportedly focus on how his the family is coping after his death. No network has signed on to take the project yet.

Apparently, the family want to use the music that was going to be on the EP (and other music) to debut on the show.

We’ve seen this before: the Lifetime network’s show which followed Whitney Houston’s surviving family and the Jacksons’ show following Michael’s passing.

Is this an opportunistic move? Sound off below: