Sometimes, We Don’t Just Play Music

Iconic artists have a habit of influencing the things we listen to. It’s inherent in their job description, after all. Some of the biggest stars out there have branched out beyond their hits and instruments, and have got us all playing their very own branded games, too. The following artists have provided an entirely new dimension to fans who just simply can’t get enough.

Michael Jackson

You wouldn’t think instantly think of Michael Jackson as the face of games such as his Michael Jackson: King Of Pop tribute featured in William Hill slot games, but it’s just another way that he’s influenced pop culture. He may no longer be with us, but there’s no denying that Michael Jackson left his mark in more ways than one. Whilst the music industry will never forget his legacy, it’s actually unlikely that the gaming world will, either! Jackson aficionados will find in the game one of the ways to immortalize the creative genius, as it features several original songs, which will serenade you to get you pumped up when spinning those wheels. There’s even a nod to his fashion sense, with game symbols including the likes of his trademark white gloves.

50 cent” (CC BY 2.0) by aleksey.const

50 Cent

Records and movies apparently aren’t enough for some of the bigger stars, so 50 Cent has added games to his repertoire. Given his colorful past, you couldn’t really say that they’re the kind suitable for children, but nonetheless, they’re highly popular. 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and the sequel, 50 Cent: Bulletproof both feature the rapper himself. Blood on the Sand is a third-person shooter game for both Playstation and XBox, whilst Bulletproof takes players on an exciting journey through an action video game, with cameos from everyone from Eminem to Dr. Dre.

Wu-Tang Clan

Hip hop outfit Wu-Tang Clan aren’t just multi-platinum rap artists, far from it. They’re also behind the now classic Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style, which entails a 3D fighter game for Playstation, allowing fans to play as a range of rappers including RZA, Ghost Face Killah, and Method Man.

They’re pretty cool guys, and it’s reflected in the game. Your character will be fierce, and you’ll wield a multitude of weapons including sledgehammers and samurai swords on your journey. It’s really not for the faint-hearted!

Britney’s Dance Beat

Sometimes, artists deserve a mention because they’re brilliant artists… but that’s where the praise stops. Singers seem to believe that just because they’re great at one thing, everything else will be a walk in the park. Whilst Britney is undeniably a fantastic dancer, unfortunately, her dance-inspired game, Britney’s Dance Beat, just doesn’t really cut it on the small screen.

Created for Gameboy Advance, it really tests your coordination skills as you have to press certain buttons to make the character dance to the choreography. Sadly, it’s just not fun enough to seem like anything more than just a bit of self-promotion.

What’s your favorite game featuring your favorite singer or band? Are you the kind of fan that needs to get involved in everything an artist does, or are their tracks enough?


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