Let The Church Say Amen: Yolanda Adams Brings The Gospel To BB Kings [Concert Review]

On Thursday (April 13), it was a night of anointing at BB Kings Blues Club and Grill in Times Square: contemporary gospel recording artist Yolanda Adams and friends were on the bill. This was a pre-Easter celebration and treat for Yolanda Adams fans; they heard music with purpose as they raise their hands to the sky. The audience came from all five boroughs and even from out of state. Before the main event, music lovers listened to gospel music while eating catfish bites, kale or romaine caesar salad, and wine.

Around 8:15 pm, WBLS radio personality, Lenny Green introduced the beginning of the show. Opening acts included Be Clear and Nadine Simmons; the audience weren’t familiar with the rising stars, but still were eager to listen to their voices; they knew God can use anyone, young or old to spread God’s word!

At 9 pm, the iconic and stunning Yolanda Adams made her entrance, and she blessed people’s hearts with her mannerism and stage presence. God’s light shines through her each time she performs live on stage! The Houston-native was ecstatic that fans are still listening and have been appreciating her music since the late 1980’s.

She started her segment with “Day by Day,” and performed her other classics “Be Blessed,” “Open My Heart,” “Someone is Watching Over You,” “This Too Shall Pass,” “Never Give Up.” She closed the show with “In The Midst of It All,” as a reminder to her fans to trust and praise God during the good and bad times. Adams also talked to the crowd about how every circumstance and challenge is necessary for your own personal growth with the Most High. She used her personal experiences outside of show business to let fans know her faith has been tested at times as well. Adams believes with God’s word and believing in yourself; joy will definitely come in the morning.

Yolanda Adams’ fans still know she believes in the power of prayer, forgiveness, faith, and most importantly praise. Adams still effectively uses gospel music to implement those things that will enlighten and guide people to have a more fulfilling life.