Video Surfaces Of Chris Brown Punching Photographer

Could Chris Brown’s aggression be surfacing again?

This week, Brown was accused of punching a photographer at a Tampa nightclub called Aja Channelside. According to TMZ, Chris was hired to performed for an hour but only stayed for 5 minutes.  The club photographer, Bennie Vines, was asked to stop taking pictures of the event when Brown arrived, but he didn’t, which angered Chris who then punched the photog in the face.

Of course, the incident was caught on camera:

Cops were called to the club, but Brown and his entourage left before they arrived. Vines plans to press charges for battery, and TMZ has photos of his injuries:

Vines think he has a good case: he’s spoken to two lawyers and said in a video: “They said that [it’s] a pretty good case because I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just doing my job.”

The nightclub wants Brown to give back the $30k they paid the singer since he bailed shortly after he arrived.