[Premiere] Watch Sabrina Starke’s Acoustic Version Of ‘Rosy Coloured Glasses,’ Song To Premiere on Tonight’s Episode Of ‘Shots Fired’

Dutch songstress Sabrina Starke’s song “Rosey Coloured Glasses” has been out since 2015 on her self-titled album, but it’s been picked up by FOX’s hit series “Shots Firedto make a major premiere on tonight’s April 12th episode. 

Starke recorded an acoustic version on the song, which is like a soothing salve for these turbulent times; a ballad that urges us to try to look at the world through rosy coloured glasses and see all the good out there, no matter hard hard it may seem.

Watch below:

Purchase Sabrina Starke’s album and this song “Rosy Coloured Glasses” on iTunes HERE, and tune in tonight at 8/7c  on FOX to see this song air in the show.