Solange Covers ‘BUST’ Mag, Talks Black Feminism/Womanism, ‘A Seat At The Table,’ More


Solange is BUST Magazine’s cover girl and the focus of an 8-page feature for their April/May 2017 issue.

Along with a small photo spread, the 30-year old spoke about being raised in a predominantly female household, being a black feminist/womanist, her critically-acclaimed album A Seat At The Table, and more.

About being a proud black feminist and womanist, Solange says, “I’m a feminist who wants not only to hear the term intersectionality, but actually feel it, and see the evolution of what intersectional feminism can actually achieve…but I want to see us fighting the fight for all women — women of color, our LGBTQ sisters, our Muslim sisters. I want to see millions of us marching out there for our rights, and I want to see us out there marching for the rights of women like Dajerria Becton, who was body slammed by a cop while she was in her swimsuit for simply existing as a young, vocal, black girl. I think we are inching closer and closer there, and for that, I am very proud.”

About the videos for “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes In The Sky” for her album A Seat At The Table, Solange said her goal was to represent black men and women in a light she sees every day: “powerful but graceful but also vulnerable and also regal and stately,” she said. “I think that as women, and as black women in general, we always have to fight two times harder….I was so invested in the visual storytelling…And how we use style as a language, and our pageantry, and how we communicate.”

BUST’s April/May 2017 issues will hit newsstands beginning next Tuesday, March 28th.

Read the rest of the sneek peek HERE and a check out a few photos from the photoshoot by hitting “next” below.

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