Prince’s Heirs Not Happy With The Way His Estate Is Being Ran

Sharron, Norrine and John Nelson are three (out of six) of Prince’s expected heirs, and they are allegedly not happy with how Comerica is running Prince’s estate.

According to Billboard, Comerica replaced Bremer Trust on Feb. 1st as the company what manages the large estate of the late singer, and the heirs have already submitted an objection to an order sought by Comerica that would give it wide discretion in managing the estate and limit the heirs’ involvement.

The three heirs asked the company if they would have a say in the handling of the estate, and allegedly, Comerica representatives said they would, but decisions wouldn’t be made solely on the heirs’ vote. The heirs believe Comerica isn’t giving enough weight to their voices, and that they haven’t shown the best management of entertainment assets.

I feel like there will be issues with the management of his estate for a long time to come.