Louis York – Hipsters

Weirdo Workshop band Louis York release their new video “Hipsters,” which is featured on their new EP Masterpiece Theater: Act II.   In creating “Hipsters,” the guys were very deliberate about the theme of the single, which addresses individuality, bullying, and self-acceptance.

“As a self-proclaimed ‘weirdo,’ we wanted to create a song that the fans could relate to as well as address a topic as serious as bullying,” states Kelly, who continues “As artists, I think it’s also part of our responsibility to educate the public.”

The clip sees the duo in a white room, only furniture is a piano Kelly wearing a colorful button-up onesie and Harmony also wearing a flashy get-up, as well.  Kelly sings the song while Harmony provides the instrumentation, and at one point, they relish in colorful confetti.

Watch below:

Masterpiece Theater: Act II (follow up to Masterpiece Theater: Act Itakes listeners on a journey through the world of Pop, R&B, Rock, Gospel and more. Written, produced and music played all by Kelly and Harmony, Masterpiece Theater: Act II is available on iTunes HERE.