Marvin Dark – It’s Going Down (Gimme That Look)

From his maxi single Three Steps, Los Angeles-based indie R&B singer Marvin Dark releases the first single is “It’s Going Down (Gimme That Look).” The songs talks about the three stages of a relationship: the meeting, the romance, and the breakup.

The video (directed by Mike Relm) is fun and flirty, and highlights the on-camera chemistry between Marvin and his sexy leading lady. “The video is about a super bomb girl and a guy,” Marvin explains about the video. “They meet each other. The guy is trying to get her to feel him, and eventually she does.”

Watch below:

“This is the first song on the maxi single, so it’s like the ground work for it. We meet. I’m trying to spit my game,” Marvin says. “And then on the second song, ‘The Reasons,’ we’re already together. I’m telling the girl, ‘I think you’re great.’ The last song is the breakup song. It’s very sad and emotional, very rude.”

Marvin released his debut EP Pay In Advance in 2015 and has found success with songs “Picture This,” “Do It Some More,” and “Demonstrate.” The artist who cites Usher, Alicia Keys, and Anita Baker among his influences says he wants his music to “spread the message of love.”

Three Steps recently released on iTunes.