Listen to Eric Bellinger’s ‘Eric B for President: Term 2’ EP

Campaign season may be over, but Eric Bellinger is still partying in the White House. Instead of signing trade agreements or appointing ambassadors, though, he’s unleashing velvety-smooth melodies upon his unsuspecting presidential cabinet on his latest EP, Eric B. For President: Term 2.

On the project, Eric knits together varied sounds from bossa nova, dancehall, reggae, and other beach-friendly genres making for a breezier version of Eric’s woozy, sensual brand of R&B. Featuring appearances from Wale, Victoria Monet, Elhae, and Tayla Parx, Term 2 is the perfect soundtrack to a romantic beachside getaway or a soundtrack to usher in the warmer months of spring for those of us stuck in the colder states.

“The vibe for Term 2 is island-y, fit for a tropical vacation. When Obama left office, he went jet-skiing on vacation. I’m taking that approach to give a sense of relaxation and chill and positive vibes in light of the new presidency,” Eric Bellinger explains. “It’s a dark time, so I wanted to take the opposite approach and make something light and fun. Term 1 had the hip-hop approach with the reference to Eric B and Rakim, but for this one, I wanted to go back to my R&B roots.”

Stream below:

Capitalizing on the 2016 campaign season, Eric Bellinger released the Eric B. and Rakim-referencing Eric B. For President: Term 1 in September.

Purchase Eric B for President: Term 2 on iTunes HERE.