Four of the Best Music-themed Online Slots

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Considering the huge fame of many music stars, it is often unsurprising to see them branch out into other areas and take advantage of the strength and appeal of their ‘brand’.

However, while we might have got used to seeing them pop up in films, for example, one area where you may be surprised to see your favorite stars appear is in online slots.

Yet, many bands and genres are celebrated in the slots world. Here, we take a look at a handful of slots, which celebrate a diverse range of musical styles.

Old-school hip hop

Featuring a laidback R&B style, the Loaded slot created by Microgaming includes music, imagery, and clips inspired by the look and feel of old-school hip hop videos.

Expect to see expensive yachts, flash cars and much more in a game that feels like it has been lifted straight from a ’90s video.

In addition, Play N Go’s game Pimped has a similar feel if you’re looking for something which harks back to the glory days of Snoop Dog and other purveyors of quality gangsta rap.

Guns N Roses

One of the new kids on the block when it comes to online slots, the game based on LA’s finest rockers was only launched at the end of last year.

Developed by Net Ent, it allows players to enjoy clips of the band’s hits – including Welcome to the Jungle – while playing the game. It also features icons based on group members such as Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan, as well as imagery based on the band’s iconic back catalog.


Just what is it about hard rock bands and online slots? It is probably unsurprising to see that Kiss have one, considering this is the band who have put their name to merchandise including coffins, checkers and, erm, bicycle shorts.

Initial launched as a physical slot machine, the band’s slot game is now available online and features all of iconography and imagery you’d expect with this distinctive larger-than-life group.

Jimi Hendrix

Another slot created by Net Ent, the Jimi Hendrix game is the third – after the Guns N Roses game and one based on Motorhead – to be created as part of the developer’s Rocks campaign.

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The game is a classic rock fanatic’s dream, featuring a host of designs created to celebrate the legacy of Hendrix and game features named after some of his best-known songs. The latter includes free spins named after Little Wing and – of course – Purple Haze.

Many more on offer

Of course, there are a number of other stars who have slots made in tribute to them, from the king himself Elvis Presley to the legendary Dolly Parton. Even fans of Britain’s Got Talent can play on a game based on the successful show.

All of these titles are among the best online slots in Canada and showcase, remarkably, how so many genres can be transferred easily to the world of online gaming. Enjoy!


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