Rihanna Rocks March 2017 Issue Of ‘Paper’ Magazine

Ten years after she first graced the cover of Paper Magazine in 2007, Rihanna returns on the front page of their spring #BreakTheRules cover, and She is the perfect person for that theme.

The Paper Magazine crew were inspired by her edgy image and career; they created the photoshoot around her being “a high fashion clerk in a bodega of the future.”

“We thought it would be interesting to put a superstar like Rih in such an everyday surrounding,” says Shannon Stokes, who styled our shoot alongside Farren Fucci. “And Farren added the ‘future’ angle to give it a twist, so it became a challenge to envision what a girl who worked there might look like,” he added.

Filmed in Alphabet City Deli & Grill in NYC, RiRi rocks spiked green hair and a purple ponytail along with fashions by Dior, Acne Studios, jewelry by My Enemy Chris Habana x Shannon Stokes.

Hit next below to see the elaborate, futuristic photoshoot below:

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