Trey Songz – Song Goes Off [Tremaine The Playboy Ep. 3]

In the third episode of Trey Songz’s viral dating series ‘Tremaine The Playboy,’ the Grammy-nominated R&B singer reveals the music video for “Song Goes Off.”

The episode kicks off with Trigga giving roses to the ladies whom will remain in the house. One girl gave up her rose to another female, citing that she came here for him, but met someone else.

Actor Lance Gross makes an appearance in the clip; he claims “a lot of these girls ain’t here for Tremaine, there here for Trey Songz.” Terrence J says that one of the girls tried to sneak him her phone number.

As for the video, which starts half way through the episode, Trey is still pondering over his Ex (played by Canadian/Jamaican singer Kreesha Turner), leading him to throw shade at the girls vying for his love. The clip ends with a steamy sexy scene with Songz and his Ex (You can’t dream that up).

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As previously noted, the series cover the eligible bachelor’s journey as he searches for real love, but after the first episode, we all know it’s a genius promotional campaign for his new album, Tremaine, due out on March 24th.

About ‘Tremaine,’ Songz stated back in 2015 when he announced the LP, “It’s just another layer of myself. The Tremaine album will kind of be like the base of what my career started as… In music now, in R&B and hip hop, I feel like it’s easy to make women feel sexy and be a bad bitch, but I feel like the Tremaine album will kind of put women on the pedestal again, and show that it’s cool to love, it’s cool to want to be romantic, it’s cool to want to be in a relationship.”

Video only:

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