NYC Duo Jazze Belle Releases ‘Go To Bed Standing Up’ EP

Jazze Belle is a duo comprised of producer/instrumentalist Jett and singer/songwriter Taylor Simone. Based in NYC, the two share a sound influenced by jazzy vocals, soulful chords, and hip hop digital production.

Go To Bed Standing Up is the name of their concept album, and it’s what was created when they inquired “what happens when you become your dream?”

They explain, “What ended up coming out of it is both a picture of the obstacles faced to get to self-realization and the idea that dreaming in it of itself is a radical, necessary thing. We would like the overall feel of all the songs to feel like we are in and out of a dream state.”

For instance, both “Sleepwalker” and “Possibly” feel like a euphoric, lucid dreams. “Everyday’s Tomorrow” is a reminder of second chances and “No Endings” champions perpetuity over a banging, alienesque track.

Enjoy below: