Amber Mimz Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Dreamy Video, ‘Start’

DC-based singer-songwriter/producer Amber Mimz released her aptly titled Three EP last spring.

“Start” depicts the leap of faith required to experience love in the first place. In the video directed by Tim Anthony Forde, the message encourages everyone to avoid regret on this Valentine’s Day and just “start.”

“We learn what we want through experience, lessons and sometimes regrets. Love shouldn’t be hard to navigate but if you never give it a chance, you may never know,” Mimz explains. “‘Start’ is about the leap you didn’t take and I believe everyday is a chance to try again. On Valentine’s Day hopes are higher, optimism is in the air, and for us singles it reminds us never to settle. I loved working on this video because the beauty in what happens before the regret is depicted in the city of London, the landscape, the lights, the people, the PDA… the part where you fall in love with the energy. It was important to capture what can make regret disappointing and acknowledge the hardest part, to start.”

Watch the dreamy video below: