Soul Singer Macy Gray Makes A Powerful Statement In ‘White Man’ Video

Macy Gray is back!

She’s prepping a new album to arrive in summer 2017, and ahead of that, she’s released a visual for the single “White Man.”

Together, the lyrics and visuals are very intriguing: In her signature raspy voice, Gray sings, “Hey white man, I am not my grandmother / I’m from the city Canton, Ohio / I’m just a lady but I think like a man / You hating me and I don’t understand.”

She continues: “Let’s come together, let’s make it better / And if you don’t agree I’ll make it clear, I’ll whoop your woooo,” she sings on the chorus.

The Fatima A.K-directed visual features black and white women dancers (Jade-Lorna Sullivan and Kany Diabate)  who engage in aggressive, fight-like choreography, much like the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira. They also channel other dances like the jitterbug, African tribal, and hip-hop. The end of the clip sees the women raising a black power fist before embracing while wearing black and white face paint.

I think the message is clear here! Dope clip!

Watch the creative visual below:


In other Macy news, the singer is also set to embark on a European tour beginning in March. Check dates below: