Is A Jodeci Biopic In The Works? Mr. Dalvin Says Yes!

After viewers raved about the “The New Edition Story” (which aired on BET a few weeks ago), many people craved another music biopic from a beloved R&B group from the past, with Jodeci floating around as a popular choice from fans.

As it turns out, it’s happening!

Jodeci members Mr. Dalvin and JoJo dished in a radio interview recently that a movie based on their rise to fame in the early 90s is, indeed, in the works.

Mr. Dalvin posted a clip of the interview on Instagram yesterday (Feb. 7) with the caption, “Me & Jojo up in the Bay Area..Yes the #jodecibiopic is coming!!!!! For all the casting inquiries, they will be announced soon…Thanks for the love and support 😎.”


In the clip, Dalvin and JoJo dish VH1 has the rights to the movie, and given TLC’s 2013 movie, that may not be too bad.

What do you think of this news, Roomies?