ANE – R.S.D.

Love can be addicting in the most fatal of ways, just like the drug, “R.S.D.”

Through sultry tones and a smokey ambiance, 2G Music Group’s newest NYC-based artist, ANE (pronounced Ann-nee), reveals the highs and lows of a love that is just as powerful as it is toxic. Like “R.S.D.,” love is a drug many of us have indulged in, but not all of us have survived.

“R.S.D. is a song about toxic love. It’s the kind of love that captivates you and consumes you at the same time,” ANE explains. “You blindly fall into this trap where you would rather crash and burn together than make it out alone. The original name for the song was called “Fatal Love, ” but I changed it to “R.S.D.” because I wanted it to be more elusive. The acronyms stand for the words in the chorus but at the same time can allude to being a drug because at the end of the day that is what this kind of love is.”

In the visual directed by Jayne Lies, the beautiful Korean-American singer-songwriter lingers in mysterious light while drawing you in with her aura.

Catch ANE when she performs at Uptown Soul Lounge in New York City on Friday, January 27. The show is free with an RSVP here.